Stress and Illness

stress-meter-2 Many of us don’t like stress, and for good reason.  Stress has been found to be a main culprit in disease.  While stress itself is not the source of the disease, it’s ability to suppress the bodies natural healing process allows for disease and infection to latch on to the body.  Stress actually alters the body’s chemistry making it more acidic.  As many of us know cancer and disease thrive in an acidic environment.  That, combined with the suppression of the immune system due to redirected blood-flow of certain portions of the brain and body, are what opens the body to attack.


Fortunately there are many ways to fight back against stress.  Something as simple as stopping to take deep slow breaths can really make a difference in how we’re feeling.  Listed below are some things that you can do today to reduce stress and start returning to a healing state.

  1. Slow deep breathing – make sure your spine is straight weather seated or standing take a deep breath in through your nose and hold it for a count of 3 and then release it through your mouth.  Repeat 4-5 times and then as needed through out the day.
  2. Take a walk – Just taking a 10-15 minute walk can get you some fresh air and a fresh perspective.
  3. Talk it out – call up that long time friend, mom, grandma, etc.. who ever you feel comfortable venting to that won’t be critical.
  4. Enjoy a bath – a good 20-30 minute soak in a warm bath is comforting because it reminds us subconsciously of being in the womb where we were once safe and protected and stress free.  Adding in some bath salts or bathing by candle light also helps.


Stress-relax-graphic_1_0While these are good quick de-stressers, of-course the best way to really get relief is to come in for a massage.  Stress can build up tension in the muscles so it’s good to release that with a good hour to 90 minute massage.  Releasing that tension is going to reduce inflammation as well as relax the mind and body to allow the healing process to resume.  We all need touch in our lives and therapeutic massage allows for a healing connection.


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