Pain Management

Many people find deep relief from a variety of causes of pain with massage therapy. There are as many blends of pain as there are living beings, occupying a body. Physical pain due to all varieties  of causes, emotional pain, psycho-social pain, post trauma/ post surgery pain, wounds, burns sprain,s scraps, migraines. Therapeutic massage soothes the pain, promotes lymph and blood flow, and our proprietary frozen oil, MAGIC MEND, will heal the wounds, knots,  muscle fatigue, and strain swelling…everything under the sun!

Our therapists are listenpeople who listen, and offer compassionate private understanding.We listen to your body pain, we listen to the life issues before you. With compassionate touch, our massage with sooth you, body and soul. Times are stressful and an open, caring heart is harder to come by, but we are here, supporting you in your issues, and helping you navigate healthier choices to improve your well being, with a holistic, multifaceted lens. Wellness, health coaching available for private sessions, for a more in depth, supporting approach to your issues.


So what ever type of pain you have, let us help you manage it:

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