man-headacheMigraines are often caused from lots of sources, but generally; getting the body more alkaline and reducing inflammation in  the tissues is the best way to address them. Eating an alkaline diet (fruit, veggies grains) and avoiding sugar, meat and processed food with chemicals can help, as well as drinking alkaline water or water with lemon juice. In other words, “don’t drink the coolaid”.

Another source for migraines are chemical exposures and exposure to toxic mold. Exploring the possible environmental causes for mold or toxins is a good idea for people with repeat problems. Detoxification from Benzines, aspartame, msg and the like can also help with the migraines. Curcumin is a very popular detoxifier these days and is well researched, and well published information is available on it.

anxiety-relief-omaha-hypnotist-total-life-tune-upAt Reno Healing Massage, we have a wonderful anti-inflammatory frozen oil we use for migraines that takes about five minutes to start working, relief is on the way! We call it Magic Mend, and boy does it! We also sell this proprietary blend, but it has to go straight home to your freezer and is sold in an ice bag with a frozen ice pack for best preservation.

Come on in today for some migraine relief!

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