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Swedish ~Deep Tissue ~Shiattsu ~Post Surgery ~Pregnancy ~ Post Pregnancy Massage

~ Chi Nei Tsang ~ Energy Work ~ Polarity Work

 Evening Massage 8 pm – 9am  ~ Add $50 per therapist per hour.  To book  call (775) 688-9635.

30 Minute Massage

 Massage            $40

60 Minute Massage 

 Massage            $75

Four Hand Massage          $150

Two therapists massaging you at the same time, double the relaxation effect!

Couples Massage           $150

You and your loved in one room, getting massaged at the same time.

Outcall to Local Hotel or Home           $140

Outcalls to local hotels and homes are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Medical Massage post trauma or surgery           $120

Out calls available to hospitals, homes, nursing homes or hospice facilities.           $140

90 Minute Massage

 Massage            $110

Four Hand Massage           $220

 Couples Massage           $220

Outcall to Local Hotel or Home           $210

Massage Add-Ons :

Aroma Therapy           $10

Let the smells of pure nature enhance your massage.  Essential oil will be added to your massage lotion.

Hot Sugar Foot Scrub           $15

 Exfoliate  your tired feet with a hot sugar foot scrub as part of your massage.

Proprietary Blended Magic Mending Oil           $20

 Blended frozen olive oil oxidizes unwanted bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  Good for clients who are in a lot of pain, healing from injury or surgery. The blend accelerates healing and reduces inflammation of wounds, scraps and  burns.

Magnesium & MSM Oil

A massage with magnesium & MSM oil adds magnesium supplements to your body through skin absorption.   Symptoms of low magnesium include; anxiety,  low energy, weakness, irritability, nervousness, headaches, muscle tension, spasms, cramps, fatigue, inability to sleep, abnormal heart rhythm, weak bones,  hormonal imbalances.

Magnesium & MSM Hand & Foot Oil Massage           $20

Magnesium Scalp Massage           $20

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