number 1 tipHere’s one simple way you can begin to make some drastic changes to your health.  It’s something you can do every day and doesn’t require a lot of effort.  It’s as simple as taking a drink… Of water word


waterheartDrinking water is something that a lot of us overlook these days.  The majority of us have turned to caffeine and sugar laden flavored beverages to get us through the day. Most of those drinks leave us dehydrated, acidic, toxic, and dependant on them to get through the day.  If we simply started replacing half or more of those beverages with water, our health would change dramatically, not to mention our pocket book.  Aside from high-priced bottled water,  filtered water can be a great deal cheaper than those other beverages.



water-limes_00398495Think water is boring; try adding lemon or lime juice, or infusing some other kind of fruit in it overnight such as pineapples or strawberries.  Studies show that drinking water with a small amount of citrus juice can help alkalize the body.  Drinking water also helps to flush out toxins through our bodies natural processes.  There have been many instances where people have lost a lot of body fat from simply replacing sugary drinks with water.  The absence of the sugar means less sugar is stored as fat, the body is hydrated so it can eliminate toxins that keep the body holding on to unwanted fat reserves, and this also helps with your energy levels because you aren’t crashing all the time from the addictive sugar and caffeine.

Start off your day right every morning with a glass of water first thing, and continue throughout the day.  Every time you feel thirsty, reach for the original diet drink; WATER

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