Detoxification coaching for a toxic world

SESSIONS CAN BE VIA TELEPHONE OR IN PERSON….We live in a New World Order of Geo-engineered spraying, increasing chemicals and drastically altered genetics in our food, and food containers, daily high levels of radiation wafting over North America from Fukushima, brought to you by the folks at GE who built the plant in 1964. At this point in history we are in unprecedented times dealing with assaults from every front on our immune systems.

At least for now, mother nature has also provided us with clean healthy plants to detoxify and offset some of these harmful trends. I am tirelessly working to keep up with ways to keep cleansing and healing both human and pet bodies from these new front of problems the technocrats keep throwing our way. My sessions are a  holistic analysis of lifestyle , to evaluate needs. I use a combination of emotional support, client centered talk therapy, energy readings, and tailored supplements, and referrals (sometimes) to other local healing practitioners, such as Integrative docs, and colon hydro-therapists.

I put a STRONG emphasis on dietary changes, and away from the S.A.D. (standard american diet) eating pattern, and over to a plant based diet with less bio accumulation of toxins and a more alkaline, less cancer producing state in the body. I used the guidelines from blood type for eating as close to your evolutionary needs as possible.– Linda Gordon


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