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3893309_origCancer is a disease of cellular acidity. In 1932 Otto Warburg received a Nobel Peace prize for this research on the nature of cancer cells. So Alkalizing the body, actually stops cancer from spreading and can also reverse the process. A healthy alkaline diet is a plant based diet WITHOUT MEAT OR ANY ANIMAL PRODUCTS. Plenty of organic juicing of veggies and some fruit, lots of nuts seeds and legumes, are the ideal diet to starve cancer. See Dr. William Tuttles – WORLD PEACE DIET for a great reference book and lots of great recipes.  Clean cells that have a healthy oxygen exchange on the cellular membrane is the other component to clear the body of cancer. Colon, liver and kidney cleanses in that order, are also a great way to get on top of the healing process. There are an infinite number of choices from the plant kingdom for cleansing these organs, which in turn cleanse the blood. I myself have cleared stage two cervical cancer doing these things alone, in only five months. My 83 year old mother was given 6 months to live in 1996 with stage 4 ovarian cancer. We both went vegan, her for health reasons, me I was already veggie but got sloppy, and when we went to the plant based diet, took enzymes and detoxed, we both cleared our diagnoses. My mother did choose a few chemo treatments after having the tumors removed, but quickly was turned off by the process and opted for the natural path after five treatments that only promised six months anyway.

anxiety-relief-omaha-hypnotist-total-life-tune-upWhen the OB/GYN at UC Davis declared my tumor gone and cells normal, he said, stick with whatever your, doing, it worked! I asked him if he was going to ask me what I did, he replied, “No, I can’t prescribe it, so please don’t tell me”. Several days later on NPR UC Davis was asking for money for cancer research on the radio. Searching for a cure they don’t want to find, and torturing dogs and monkeys and rats, in the name of the “greater good”. The greater good is really living a clean celled lifestyle, not adding toxic chemicals to the body, or experiments on our fellow creatures we share the earth with to enrich scientists pockets and investors of big pharma. What comes around, literally goes around, in this circle of death, poison, greed, and despair.

Healthy-Living-Tips-to-Prevent-CancerGood health is not a mystery, and nature made it very simple, the answers are all in the plant world, not in some elaborate laboratory that is a torture chamber to both animals and patients who partake of the poison fruits of this venture. Worship of men with white lab coats and stethoscopes with large bank accounts…we want to believe we can be saved by daddy…collectively this is the primal child wound. But in the Truth about Cancer, the quote is aptly stated;

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true;the other is to refuse to believe what is true…….Kierkegard


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